What do our franchisees have to say?

Ben – Cardiff & Newport


With Pass the Keys, business is good! I wasn’t expecting the franchise to be performing as well as it has been. I’m now aiming to manage 200 properties by the end of year 5. It wouldn’t be possible without Pass the Keys’ in-house tech. It gives you all the tools to start your own business, in a way that third party tech can’t match. Pass the Keys offers great support alongside this; they’re professional, friendly, and always there to speak to if you need any help. As a Franchisee I can apply my past experience in sales and marketing, whilst also being my own boss. I’d recommend the PTK Franchise to anyone else who wants this degree of control, has an interest in the property industry, and works hard: if you put in the effort, you’ll make it a success!

Joe – East Berkshire

The Pass the Keys’ tech blew my mind, it was insane! The team continuously developing it are doing such a great job and you can tell that everyone within the company puts in a lot of effort. The business model that they showed me at the start is really being proven. I’ve found that for me, taking on 2 or 3 bed properties is the sweet spot when it comes to balancing profit and workload. I see a lot of potential from this type of property in my territory so I’m really excited for the future!

Chris – Belfast

I joined Pass the Keys because I knew that there was a massive opportunity for short-let property management in Belfast thanks to the Airbnb phenomenon. I wanted to work for myself and build up my own business, and coming from a sales background in a travel company, I didn’t realise how much my past experience would help me. At the start, finance was a minefield for me but the training I got was amazing. I’ve been offered further training and get a lot of help in the day-to-day running of things like sales, finance and marketing. The hard work that it takes to become an Airbnb professional co-host is already done and the cogs are already in place to be successful!