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Pass the Keys has recently renewed its status as a full member of the Quality Franchise Association. The QFA is a not-for-profit franchise association, one of only three, that are currently operational in the UK. The QFA represents the UK’s most business smart franchise opportunities

Speaking about the partnership, Matt Burdett from the QFA made the following statement:

 “We’re delighted to welcome Pass The Keys as members of the Quality Franchise Association.

Throughout their accreditation as members, Pass The Keys have shown strong ambition in growing their short-let property franchise network and we look forward to working with them.

I’d also like to wish Pass The Keys the best of luck in the upcoming Virtual Franchising Awards 2022.”

So what does it mean to be a QFA member?

Any Franchise that partners with QFA must first go through an accreditation process, sign up to a certain code of conduct and demonstrate a high level of ethical standards.

As a QFA Franchisor, Pass the Keys is bound to the following code of conduct:

1. Have sufficient knowledge & experience within their business prior to creation of a franchise network

2. Have a suitable level of working capital and financial stability to enable the Franchisor to successfully franchise its business

3. Either own or have legal rights to use the intellectual property, trade name & trademark.

4. When advertising to recruit franchisee’s any materials should not contain any misleading statements.

5. Franchise recruitment advertising that relates to earnings potential should not be misleading & how the figures have been created is made clear to prospective Franchisee’s. Advertising & other promotional materials will often include the use of assumptions made by the Franchisor which can only be tested by the passage of time. Where an assumption has been made this must be made clear to the Franchisee.

6. Make best endeavours to recruit only individuals that appear to be suitable to run the franchise after the recruitment process.

7. The franchise agreement should comply with national law. The franchise agreement should clearly set out both parties initial & ongoing obligations & also ensure the protection of the franchise brand, Franchisor business & its franchisee network.

8. Deliver the obligations to train & support the Franchisee as detailed in the terms of the franchise agreement and operations manual which constitutes the entirety of the legal agreement between the Franchisor & Franchisee.

9. Not to discriminate against any individuals in the provision of services and/or the selection of the Franchisee and at all times comply with all anti-discrimination legislation, including the Equality Act 2010.

10. The Franchisor will advise the Franchisee in writing of any breach of the franchise agreement & grant the Franchisee a reasonable period of time to remedy the breach.

11. Should a dispute arise between Franchisor & Franchisee always make the best attempts to mediate the dispute prior to any legal intervention.

12. To act in good faith in its dealings with the Franchisee.

If you have a passion for the short-letting industry and are looking to become your own boss, then why not consider becoming a Pass the Keys Franchise Partner? Operating and managing properties across their local area, our Franchise Partners are supported by the reputation and technology of a national brand, to grow a successful and sustainable local business.

To request more information, please visit us at https://franchise.passthekeys.co.uk/request-info/ or give us a call on 020 8050 2818 today.