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We sat down with Jean, PTK Brand Ambassador and Franchise Owner of Bournemouth & Poole, to learn more about life as a Pass the Keys Franchisee!

Jean, what is the most exciting part about being a Pass the Keys franchisee?

The fact that you actually see the results of your hard work! The results are tangible and there is definitely a sense of achievement as you add properties to your portfolio and things become more streamlined, and of course profitable. The byproduct of this is an ever increasing knowledge of the short letting market and market potential in your local area.

How have you grown professionally as a Pass the Keys franchisee? 

Well, after more than a year of owning the Bournemouth and Poole Franchise, I think I’ve earned a Doctorate in Business and People management! This is a very hands on job, and you learn something new every single day.

Would you recommend a Pass the Keys franchise?

Without a doubt! Don’t get me wrong, it is tough and not at all easy in the beginning, but once you’ve streamlined your business and employed the correct people, it really is just a case of adding properties to your portfolio.

What makes a Pass the Keys franchise stand out from the crowd?

The technology that supports every aspect of the business, from the host, cleaners, support team to the guests, cannot be faulted.

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If you have a passion for the short-letting industry and are looking to become your own boss, then why not consider becoming a Pass the Keys Franchise Partner? Operating and managing properties across their local area, our Franchise Partners are supported by the reputation and technology of a national brand, to grow a successful, cutting-edge local business.

To request more information, please visit us at https://franchise.passthekeys.co.uk/request-info/ or give us a call on 020 8050 2818 today.