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We spoke to Amy, Sales Director at Pass the Keys to find out more about the Pass the Keys Franchise, the Franchise onboarding process and why a Pass the Keys Franchise is simply like no other.

Hi Amy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi there, I’m Amy! I am the manager of Pass the Keys’ two sales teams; I manage the sales support team and also manage franchise recruitment. I have been with the business since 2017 and sit as part of the leadership team here at Pass the Keys. I’m a mother of two young children and have fifteen years of experience working in various sales management and leadership roles, building sales teams across the property and technology sectors.

Photo of Amy, our Sales Director, taken at our Shoreditch office.
Photo of Amy, our Sales Director, taken at our Shoreditch office.

1. What is so great about a Pass the Keys® Franchise? 

Pass the Keys have worked tirelessly over the last few years to create a proven franchise model designed to bring our Franchise Partners no shortage of success and opportunities. Our Partners receive a business in a box that has been specially crafted by the UK’s short letting experts! Our Partners are their own boss, but they can also rely on the years of experience, national reputation and technical know-how of Pass the Keys; giving them every chance of success in this growing industry! Our experience of being in our franchisee’s shoes and having already experienced the successes and failures associated with the short letting industry, means we are able to choose and support our franchisees as no other franchise can. 

2. What makes a Pass the Keys® Franchise unique to all the other franchises out there?

There is nothing quite like a Pass the Keys Franchise in the market and that’s what makes it such an exciting business opportunity! The short letting industry has experienced a steady rise in popularity in the last few years and the effects of the pandemic on the short letting industry have actually worked decisively in their favour! 

Airbnb has experienced a cataclysmic rise in recent years, and this year, short let staycations are the name of the day! People are opting for the safety and unbeatable flexibility of a short let property over other traditional hospitality services. Here at Pass the Keys, we have fine-tuned our technology to allow a single franchisee the ability to scale their property management business- quickly and sustainably!

3. Is it difficult to qualify as a Pass the Keys® Franchise Partner?

If you have the right skills, attitude, energy, and expectations, then absolutely not! We have a thorough recruitment process in place as we need to know that the partnership is the right fit for our franchisee and for ourselves. Our partnerships are incredibly important to us and we want this to be a good match for everyone involved!

Two men shake hands to consolidate a successful collaboration.

4. What about the pandemic, will this affect a franchise business?

I think most industries, especially travel and hospitality, have been affected in some way over the last 12 months. We have successfully navigated the COVID-19 crisis and found a great opportunity to emerge even stronger. More than ever, I’m incredibly confident in the future of the staycation market, the future of domestic tourism, and the consolidation of the short-let market here in the UK. During the pandemic, we recruited a further 21 franchisees – we have emerged from the crisis as a company wiser, stronger and more ambitious! 

The effects of the pandemic on domestic tourism have made our business model more relevant than it was prior to COVID-19. All market intelligence indicates that the short letting market will soar as social restrictions are lifted, with people choosing to staycation in the UK rather than face the uncertainty of international travel.

5. Summarise Pass the Keys® Franchise in one sentence!

Game-changing! We are the first franchise of our kind!

If you are an entrepreneur with an interest in the property management industry then why not book a call with our dedicated consultants to discuss our franchise opportunities. To book a call, simply click this link!